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ADIT Auditor by Lucasys

ADIT Auditor allows rate-regulated utilities to provide audit-ready proof of compliance with Federal normalization requirements, including audit of ARAM rates, normalization treatment, and expected turn-around of excess and deficient accumulated deferred income taxes. No registration required.

LEase Amortizer by Lucasys

Lease Amortizer provides an easy-to-use computation engine for the calculation of lease liability, lease payments, and lease expense. Organizations can utilize Lease Amortizer to help visualize the impacts of ASC 842 on their balance sheet and income statement. No registration required.

Lease Validator by Lucasys

Lease Validator allows organizations to test their existing leases for compliance with the requirements of ASC 842. This includes the designation of a lease as oeprating or finance and the resulting accounting implications of that decision. No registration required.


ARAM Calc by Lucasys

ARAM Calc enables tax organizations at rate-regulated utilities to optimize the tax performance of their fixed assets in compliance with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. ARAM Calc is a self-service tool that works with your existing systems and processes to increase the value of your existing solutions.

ARAM Calc LITE by Lucasys

ARAM Calc Lite provides a single vintage/asset class computation of ARAM (Average Rate Assumption Method) vs RSGM (Reverse South Georgia Method). Simply follow the prompts to input information about your vintage/asset class. No registration required.

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