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Serving finance, accounting, and tax professionals in asset-intensive industries.


Fixed Asset Solutions

Companies operating in asset-intensive industries depend on fixed assets. Lucasys enables operations personnel and asset accounting professionals to realize a culture of cost compliance and optimize the operational and financial performance of their fixed assets.

Tax Technology Solutions

Tax departments find themselves at the end of the communication chain. Lucasys empowers tax professionals to seamlessly integrate the data they receive from multiple upstream departments and systems into a robust and reliable set of tax processes.

Planning and Forecasting

The only certainty is uncertainty. Corporations, departments, and individuals are constantly being asked to respond to an ever changing business environment. Lucasys planning and forecasting solutions allow analysts, managers, and executives to succeed.

Regulatory Solutions

Regulated companies are challenged with coordinating activities among various departments in order to support rate filings and respond to constant information requests. Lucasys regulatory solutions help your organization’s rates, finance, and legal departments stay in sync.

Intelligence as a Service

We live in the information age. To run your department efficiently, you need access to the regulatory and legislative policy changes as soon as they are enacted, proposed, or even contemplated. Lucasys business intelligence solutions provide you those insights at your fingertips.

Copilot: Finance Automation

The next generation of finance is here. Whether your goal is to leverage robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, or machine learning, Lucasys provides the systems, processes, and industry expertise to make your automation initiatives a reality.


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