About Lucasys

Empower the individual. Enhance the organization.


Lucasys exists to empower you. We believe that organizational success is tightly linked to the success of the individuals that make up the organization. When you are successful, you cause your team or department to be successful. When your team or department succeeds, you collectively enable your entire organization to succeed.

Lucasys solutions are purpose-built with the individual in mind. This means:

  • Intuitive interfaces and workflows

  • Self-service design

  • Data and process transparency

  • Customer support for people by people

  • Free tools, resources, and knowledge-sharing

Lucasys is an amalgam of "Luca" and "Systems". The term "Luca" hearkens back to the original principles of double-entry accounting codified in 1494 by Italian mathematician Luca Pacioli. Namely, double-entry accounting provides for a structured and audit-ready approach to record financial transactions.

At Lucasys, we believe that these core principles, in combination with technology and innovation, provide the foundation upon which solutions can deliver value for finance, accounting, and tax professionals.

We invite you to partner with us as we provide solutions to empower you to be a champion for the modern finance organization.