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Another quarter end close is in the books (quite literally). Finance, accounting, and tax professionals go through a set of shared experiences in those several critical days surrounding key accounting close windows and reporting deadlines.

Our namesake, Luca Pacioli, an Italian Renaissance mathematician credited for codifying the principles of double-entry accounting, is said to have offered these words of advice: “A person should not go to sleep at night until the debits equal the credits.” You may have found yourself following these instructions literally as you worked late into the night to finalize journal entries!

Such perseverance is admirable, and at Lucasys, we reflect that same dedication with our purpose-built technology. Lucasys software facilitates critical computations and delivers accounting and financial reporting results in order to make those late nights less and less frequent.

Contact us to learn more about how continuous accounting practices and finance automation technology are enabling organizations to comply with accounting and reporting requirements more efficiently (and with more sleep!).

Vadim Lantukh