Independence and Individualism


As we fire up the grills and bring out the burgers and hot dogs, we also take time to remember those qualities that set the United States apart. Since that summer in 1776, independence has been a core tenet of the psyche of the American identity. But there is something more that sets this country apart: American individualism.

Other nations have experienced their own revolutions from tyrannical despots and regimes. The United States does so with a focus on the inalienable rights bestowed upon individuals: all are created equal and each one is endowed with a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Through the centuries, this focus on the individual has permeated the American subconscious and has inspired countless Americans to take risks and achieve dreams. It is, in large part, this core principle that makes the United States a land of opportunity.

Within our companies and organizations, it is individuals that make up teams and contribute to collective success. Many finance, accounting, and tax professionals will recognize that the performance of their departments often hinge upon the commitment and capabilities of key individuals through whom critical processes are routed. These processes may include the cleansing and preparation of key data, the execution of critical workflows, and the review and approval of pro forma journal entries. As organizations streamline and seek to accomplish more with less, the importance of key individuals is magnified all the more.

At Lucasys, we hold strongly to the conviction that individual success is the bedrock of organizational success. Lucasys solutions allow finance, accounting, and tax professionals in key roles to have confidence in the knowledge and tools made available to them. Key individuals and collective teams are able to take ownership of their work product and are empowered to contribute to the success of their organizations.

And now, as you go on to enjoy your burger or hot dog, don’t forget to thank the individual behind the grill!

Happy 4th of July!

Vadim Lantukh